Besto bébé redningsvest

Besto bébé redningsvest

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The BESTO BÉBÉ life jacket will give your baby or toddler maximum
protection in or at the water. Filled with super soft Airex foam, for optimal
comfort. Fastening at the back makes it impossible for your baby to open it
himself. In addition, it has a collar fastening, to prevent the head slipping
out. An adjustable leg strap, offers perfect body fit and extra safety, without
obstructing movement. The collar is fitted with a strap to make it easier for
your childminder to hold on to your child. A loop, fitted at the back of the
larger size vest, enables attachment of a lifeline. The vest complies with the
CE EN395 norm. Designed in fluorescent orange fabrics. Buoyancy is 30N,
thanks to the supersoft Airex foam filling. The vest has two fastenings -
a child safe fastening at the back and a collar fastening for extra safety.

Model 1 = 10 kg-80cm

Model 2 = 20 kg-110cm